2010/05/11 T

I met Sherry Wong today.  I must say, it was dream-like.
I’ve seen her many times at the Asian ward, but have only occasionally talked to her, and briefly then.  She was always in motion or accompanied.  Today, she was sitting there alone.
I asked where she’d been and where she was going.  We reminisced about LDSBC.  At one point I made as if to leave, but she kept talking…
She is probably the best-looking and possibly friendliest Hong Kong sister I know… and she’s very smart.
We talked right up till… her boyfriend came back… Phillip, from Singapore.  Ha ha.  He’s nice enough; I studied with him in my summer BYU class in 2008.
I possibly had a chance to hang out with her about two or three or four years ago when she was between her Salt Lake and Provo companions, but, like many sisters, she was near me when attached, and far from me when free…
I hope she has a wonderful life.  She’s flying home in two Saturdays.
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