2010/05/21 F

The term’s rushing toward its last third.
I’ve become surrounded by Italy this term…  My flatmate served there, and my roommate counts himself Italian by his grandma, and speaks a little.  The laughing third flatmate studies Latinate tongues.  My religion class revolves around Roman Catholicism; and our new bishop also hails from the country, while the sub-bishop just returned from a trip to there.
My roommate just received his mission call, assigning him to the California Long Beach Mission, to utilize Spanish.
I’ve been enjoying the English Language Center.  Today I substituted for the test-administering intern, which I will do again twice, on the two Fridays after next.
Among the handful of students I’ve gotten to know there is Liang Feng Yu, a lady from Taiwan, Taoist by belief.  Somehow her mouth is fixed in a permanent but modest smile, and that, combined with the difficulty of understanding her (she’s in what is currently the ELC’s second gradation), only the more entices me to stare at her mouth in observation of her pronunciation.  She’s unmarried, but, not surprisingly, we are out of each other’s age range, she being senior.
After finishing with those tests and spending some time chatting with Kim Inkyum, a student in that class, I dropped by the ELC’s computer lab.  On my way out, I saw Feng Yu.  We ended up trying each other’s language for an hour or two, after which the lab closed.  We walked toward our mutual neighbourhood together.  As we approached the entrance to the Cannon Center, I asked her if she would like to accompany me there…
She’s a vegetarian, but she found quite enough to eat.  She enjoyed the salad and fruit bar, a roll, a desert, a drink, and maybe something else.  I had my usual.  Besides other topics, we were able to talk a little about religion, and it seemed to not go negatively.
We left together and walked through the forested side of campus hill, past the duck pond, and close to my apartment before parting.
Well, I must forget that interesting, well-formed mouth sooner or later… even if it has already shifted my idea of beauty…
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  1. Steve says:

    I was able to talk with my grandmother by phone a week ago. She asked me if I had been the one she had seen on T.V. giving the prayer at the BYU devotional. I hadn\’t. We reminisced about a walk we had taken together around the 9th and 15th wards, back before Hong Kong.Two days ago on Monday I hung out a little with In-kyum after class. We also left together, and again, I made an invitation to the Cannon Center. (Feng Yu had paid me back exactly six dollars earlier at the ELC). I and Inkyum sat in a different place than I usually sit in.I noticed a sister there whom I\’d first seen three weeks ago, when the Cannon Center cafeteria was closed for floor work and its services diverted to the "Legends Grille" cafeteria. That substitution lasted for two weeks, and I ate at that venue four times (but spotted that sister there only thrice).As I was showing Feng Yu around the Cannon Center last week, that sister came in and walked past us. On Monday as I ate with In-kyum, she came and sat not far away. She ate and left too quickly for me to think of settling my curiosity about why she ate alone.As I sat on the bus today, I saw that Chinese sister I mentioned earlier, the friend of the young man. He was there with her, and I made the inevitable admission that they had contracted each other.

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