2010/06/13 Su

There was an attack on a young lady several days ago, toward the west of the city.  The school dutifully put all female students in a state of panic by sending out a cryptic notification by mass e-mail.
Walking home from the library two nights ago, I was doing my best to make a wide pass around a young phone-chatting sister on the sidewalk ahead of me when, to my startlement, she whipped around and asked which way I was going.  "That way," I said as I gestured in the very direction I was walking.  She then asked if she could walk near me or behind me or something, advising me to "just keep going".  I suspect now that she might have sensed my approach from behind, and used the bizarre request to identify the threat I posed.
I proceeded in front of her and several feet off to her side.  She wasn’t going very fast.  She didn’t seem very involved in her phone call, so to distract from the discomfort of my obviously slowed gait, I asked her how far off she lived, and so on.  As we passed the fences that had been erected on that promenade south of the library, she inquired of me whether I knew their purpose.  Since we were approaching the stairs and I was still unsure where she was headed, I again brought up her destination, indicating the direction of my apartment with my head — which I had to do about three times before she understood (it was almost chilly, and I had my gloves on and my hands in my jacket pockets).  At last I took out my hands and pointed for her… and she, in a nearly imperceptibly altered tone, asked why I was wearing gloves…
Naturally, there could have only been one reason for it: I wanted to hide my fingerprints from the neck of whomever I was wandering about wanting to strangle to death; and, as she so rightly guessed, she was the one.
She quickly assured me that she would be fine the rest of the way.  I had already recognized her weird suspicion, and quickly took the exiting path, wishing her "good luck" as I left.  I heard her start asking her friend on the phone to quickly come outside and meet her…
A student at the ELC, Kim In-kyum, was baptized yesterday.  A few of us from the school attended, along with his fellow Korean-ward members.  He invited me to attend that ward the next day, which I did.  I saw a few old faces from LDSBC… Hee-jae (whom I think I saw in Pusan), tall Lee Bum-yeol and gentle Lee Jae-hyun (both new fathers), In-kyum’s uncle Pak Chan-shik (who had business at the ELC during the last school year), Pak Hyunju (from LDSBC, who was in my Japanese class last semester), and… Gyeong-min, a nice guy I think I met at the old school after graduating (but maybe before).  I also met a couple new people: a guy named Geon and a very helpful Sunday School teacher, Bum-yeong.
I passed through the Chinese ward on my way back, but they were busy in their last meeting…  From there I went to the Asian student ward.  I attended the Mongolian class since the Cantonese one was nowhere to be found.  Ben Mortenson was there again, and he had a friend with him whom he was translating for, so I tried to take advantage of his service.  (At the Korean ward, on the other hand, I had mostly avoided translation, counting it too much of a distraction from the Korean.)  I didn’t really get much out of the Mongolian class — beside the lesson, of course…
I sat with Oscar, another ELC student, from Taiwan, in sacrament; I also met Ayumi, Oscar’s classmate, there with her husband.
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2 Responses to 2010/06/13 Su

  1. Thankful says:

    You are so funny, but then again, you did inherit my sarcastic sense of humor….It\’s nice to see former acquaintances (even those from LDSBC) isn\’t it? I saw your cousin, his wife and their newest baby girl (who bears an uncanny resemblence to her father when he was a babe) at church yesterday…can you guess who I am referring to?Love you!

  2. Steve says:

    I forgot to mention Myeong-seon… Myeon-seon is a student at the ELC who believes in Seventh-day Adventism. We\’ve had a few nice discussions about it. I invited her to the Cannon Centre last Friday… She\’s from somewhere off of Kwangju.For two days now I\’ve been voice chatting with Yingjima, a Southern Mongolian young lady… She seems rather friendly.

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