2010/06/24 Th -_-

I lost my USB drive on Tuesday.  It had… most of my BYU experience on it.  I have my pictures saved elsewhere, and there are a slight few uninteresting things I could recover by e-mail.
Every time I’ve left my drive somewhere before, the next day it’s been either right where I left it, or turned it at the desk.
This time, I lost it at the ELC.  The center had closed by the time I realized my loss.  The next day, I was too involved with other things to remember to check for it…
By today, somebody had taken it.  It wasn’t in any of the computers, and the front desks had not received it.  Somebody just found it and kept it…  It was only two gigabytes large.
I made a “missing” sign and posted it on the one postable board there, which is in an infrequently travelled corridor.
My work saved from the Davies corpus is lost… as well as my marriage interview voice recordings.  My papers for old classes and my hobby projects are gone…  My BYU chat history and my files from friends are no more.
In some ways, I’ve lost my whole education.  All I have are my left-over textbooks — and the things I can remember.
This won’t be easy to recover from.
But, so will it be when our bodies suddenly stop working someday, and we have to abandon everything except what is inside of us…
It seems that death, in some form or another, is never very far from me.
— Never far from any of us.
Throw off this silly, short life, this flash-drive of meaningless accumulations.  Don’t love it.  It will abandon you.
Only the heart lasts.  We have only this single possession.
…But hidden somewhere, in cyberspace or heaven, is a record of everything.  …And I hope that by chance I get my poor drive again.
[Edit (06/26 Sat.):
When I went to the ELC yesterday, I learned that somebody had turned it in, and I recovered it…
Later, I went for the second time with Myeong-seon to the Cannon Center.  After that, she led me up to a park, “Rock Canyon”, that she and her friend Mai had visited the day before.
At the ELC, I gave her a defense of Biblical polygamy.  At dinner, I told her about my only BYU friend, Stetson.  (Before I left for the ELC, I had met Stetson’s mother outside my apartment.  I had called her to tell her about some mail he had here, and she’d returned the call and scheduled to meet; unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get any new details from her about Stetson.)
At the park, I let her (Myeong-seon) know my story of Sister Lam and the ring, as well as a clipped version of my Tugsuu story (I had talked with her about the Koreans previously).  She also told me about her own sadness…  I walked her home after dark, although she had brought her bike with her.
As I made my exhausted way back home, regret overshadowed me.  I didn’t want to start liking Myeong-seon… but I didn’t have a reason not to.
I’ll meet her, Inkyeom, and possibly Ito Dan — all ELC students — today to go to Jill Jay’s reception.]
[Edit #2 (Sat. again, 23:30):
I just had a pretty nice time at the reception.  All three of them came, though it was a bit of a trick meeting up together, and it took us till about 8 to get to the 7-9:30 event.  Dan-kun was accompanied by Satoshi Shigihara, a guy I’ve met a few times who studies now at LDSBC.
I saw Loen, Dana, Corey, and Marsha and them.  I met a lady named Leslie (Taylor) Dawson, daughter of Ina (?) and……… Thel or something Taylor, who were friends in Libya.
We walked home together, splitting off one at a time…
I just found out old Alexandra is in town with her family.  Her sister lives nearby…  We might meet this week.]


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