2010/06/30 W

Yesterday I met up with old Alexandra.  She pretty much looked like she had in her pictures, and she sounded the same as she had on the phone.  We ate at the Cannon Center.  I didn’t want to waste my meal, and she ended up waiting for me to finish…  After that we walked around a little, then shared a bus back to our respective homes.
It was really nice to meet her; it was my second time ever, and first time since she was a kid.  She seemed bored with me, anyway; her interests have already driven off down the freeway of modern recreation.  But though Vancouver youth culture has eaten her alive, I could still sense her inner beauty glimmering somewhere underneath.
Today was my first day volunteering at Selnate, another English school.  I went to a pronunciation class made up of all Japanese students, except for one from Taiwan.  I guess that’s because Selnate is owned by the Japanese company, Interac.
After school, Myeong-seon, In-kyeom, and I  went to the library, but hunger soon overcame me and I convinced them to join me at the Cannon Center.  I only paid for one of them.  They too ended up waiting for me to finish…
Kim Hyunjoo had asked for help by e-mail last week, and I, having had nothing to do that day, met her request quickly.  Two days ago she made another request.  I didn’t get around to it that night, nor could I spare enough time this morning.  I finished most of it this afternoon at the ELC… but after the Cannon Center, I came back and found her on-line, telling me that she had already finished her project with another’s help.
I expected that I had disappointed her…  She’s become a lot nicer since LDSBC, and has talked a bit more frequently since Mongolia and 2009.  I’ve had her back on my contact list for months now.  But secretly, I’ve continued to hold the theory that she’s only maintaining friendship in order to help herself out with her duties at work.
I’ve talked with Myeong-seon about her, and she at one point wondered why I didn’t confirm that Hyunjoo had gotten married, as I had been told was her imminent plan.  I figured that I had nothing to lose after having let her down today, so I tried to bring up her marriage.
…There wasn’t one.  She gave me the same answer she did a year or so ago: next year she would get married… perhaps.  Then she told me how it was normal for people to get married at 30 there…
I nearly fell into a happy coma right there…  Now that I think of it, it probably means that she doesn’t want or expect a large family… but the important point was that she was still single.
Anyway, I had Myeong-seon help to translate the loose ends of our conversation.  Afterward, I was able to rationalize my way back into the peaceful safety of pessimism.  I won’t have a chance with Kim Hyunjoo.
I don’t even really know her that well, at all…
So, BYU life inches on.  I struggle with my few classes and minimal time commitments.  I don’t know how I’m doing with this school…  Neil Anderson, a former teacher, has done a lot to persuade me to go for a Master’s degree (undoubtedly it would be in TESOL) at some point in the future.  But… my motivation for study and research seems like a fire whose fuel is spent and whose crackling embers are dying down…
[Edit (7/2 Friday):
On Wednesday night, I walked Myeong-seon home.  We ended up sitting and talking for a few hours at the site of the attack, now razed of foliage.  I showed her many of the pictures I had with me, giving her a taste of Mongolia, Idaho and Washington, Utah’s Manila, and winter in Provo.
Considering all the words we’ve shared in our short time of acquaintance, I decided that she had become my second friend here in Provo, Stetson having been the first…  I walked home at 2:30 or so, feeling well.
I saw a raccoon again at the duck pond last night.  Myeong-seon and I saw a deer there a week or so ago when we had fed the ducks.
Oh… I have a new roommate, a very interesting fellow from Moscow: Maksim Borodin.
What else?  A girl named Jing started talking to me again this week.  I met her a year or more ago on-line and we got to know each other a little, but she wasn’t very interested or available, and we came totally apart.  Now she seems a lot nicer… but some of her beliefs as expressed by her pictures seem a little obtuse.  I guess I’ll just hope her niceness is of the sororal sort.
I’ve met Elders Cappucio and Plowman this week, newly back from Mongolia.  The former told me that most of the foreign elders had just been expelled from the country because of a government visa policy knee-jerk, which has made me wonder about the future of that country… and about how much business I still have going back to a place that views both white guys and, now, the gospel of heaven with suspicion.
Still, it has the language…
…I won’t make it to Southern Mongolia any more, but I sometimes still play with the thought of going after Manchu or Xibe, besides Tibetan.]
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