2010/07/26 M

I spent the weekend in Manila, Utah.  I cut the front field and watched some movies (including "Kingdom of Heaven" and family favourite "Willow"), also participating minimally with Dave’s house additions and helping my mom plant some trees she’d brought.
The wind was cooling, the moon and stars were pretty, and the sunrise was especially brilliant on Sunday morning, when we left.
Myeong-Seon called a few times, and I suggested to her that she might accompany us some time.
On Thursday, my mom had come to Provo to help me shop for groceries before driving me to Salt Lake.  That weekend, I’d hoped to go see my cousins instead for a reunion they’d planned, but had received no inquiry from them through which I might be offered a ride.  I awoke on Friday morning with the very unhappy feeling that there was somebody I wasn’t ever going to see again…  I wondered if it would be somebody at that reunion.  I also considered Yingjima, my newish Mongolian friend… and, having heard my mom recount some car accident stories on our ride home the day before, I wondered if it wasn’t me whose time was due.  Fortunately, the Manila visit passed without ill incident for us.
I’ve discovered that one of the students in an ELC class I attend actually comes from Southern Mongolia, and is half Manchu besides (the other half, common Chinese).  I had spent some months assuming she was a Beijing native and not inquiring further about her — beyond that she was married.
Today, Feng Yu treated me to some dumplings and noodles at her apartment.
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2 Responses to 2010/07/26 M

  1. Thankful says:

    I think it was the gas leak which fortunately was caught in time to postpone your demise….Oh, you must have forgotten all about that…perhaps the fumes caused a bit of amnesia.

  2. Thankful says:

    P.S. Thanks again for all your help and support, always…

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