2010/08/07 S

Four hours ago, right before noon, I saw the new chief judge, Kagan, get ordained on t.v..  Three things kept me from any disappointment: the natural anti-patriotism that leftist leaders inspire me with whenever I reflect on their policies so destructive to class mobility, freedom, and health; the admission that voters in 2008 bought both the president and his court nominees in the deal, regardless of their future reservations or regret; and wariness toward the moral stability of any man or woman once you give them power, that was re-inforced by the recent ruling of federal Judge Walker, the Ronald Reagan selection and Republican who three days ago declared against party and against sanity that he could find no "rational basis in singling out [homosexuals] for denial of a marriage license".

The rational basis, of course, is that men and men cannot procreate.  The time is coming for a higher court to set aside the irrelevant rebuttals of aged and infertile couples, and admit that marriage exists for procreation and subsequent family building… or else to capitulate to the sins of this generation, and enforce a deviant religion on a nation that once promised itself protection from government-mandated belief… or else to dodge the question for another few years, till a worse, less inhibited court steps up and does the foul deed.

I’m not quite sure what scent is in the wind.  The whole country has tipped to the right since the sustained catastrophe of Obama’s ignorance of public will… due also to a conservative base that was tired of being heckled and shamed for Bush’s entire second term, and shocked into response by being pronounced "deceased" after the last election.  But Obama simply cannot be stupid enough to be entirely blind to his situation, and he might finally extend his long-awaited conciliatory governance during the next two years that will restore the balance between good and evil.  Why a balance?  Because on this earth, power corrupts the good as well as the evil.  If the country returns to Republicanism, it will only be a slowly draining hourglass for them, to see how much good they can do before their inevitable mistakes send the country back to the soothing lies of Democratism, which we know will counter-act very much of whatever good has preceded it.

Sometimes things indeed work together for an unexpected blessing, but there is far too much history behind us for us to deny that sometimes, things combine into a tremendous collapse.  Still, such a failure may end up blessing others by destroying us.

There were school parties this week at the ELC and Selnate.  On Tuesday, of course, I had forgotten about my sword class orientation.  On Thursday I wasn’t enthusiastic about going, and today I stayed indoors late.  I’ll try again on next Tuesday.

Yesterday, I met with Feng-yu for English study, and then with Myeong Seon, with whom I later went to the Cannon Centre for dinner.  She loathed going back to the library, and soon we were on our way to find a nice spot to catch the sunset.  It wasn’t a good day, and things eventually went awry between us.  We ended up repeating and slightly expanding upon the expressions of interest we had made that time we sat outside her apartment.  As our discussion progressed, I got the idea to pledge her to a friendship that might endure, rather than a courtship that I am convinced would end negatively.  We’ll see how that goes.


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