2010/08/29 Su – Weekend 2

So, I think that weekend (two ago) was when Myeong Seon accompanied me to Salt Lake.  We left Saturday night and got back on Monday morning, staying in between with my family.

Let’s see…  On that Saturday, I went with her to her Adventist church meetings.  I found them quite welcoming, and I enjoyed the visit.  After church, her ride Joyce and we two went to the house of an older couple, Frances and H…arold(?), where we ate a lunch.

In Salt Lake, we meant to watch a movie (The Last Samurai…) but never quite got to it.  I showed her around and introduced her on Saturday night.  On Sunday morning, she came with me and my mother to our home ward meetings.  I haven’t seen that ward in a while, and the faces have changed a little.

After church, I took her in my mother’s truck to explore Salt Lake; that is, we headed to Temple Square and saw some other things on the way.  We went up to 215 and proceeded to Foothill Boulevard, where we saw the Adventist church there.  We drove past the zoo and the park up there, then turned back and went through the University, and from there to the Avenues.  We took a short ride through the old cemetery there.  Next we visited the old home of my former school, then went around the canyon and up to Ensign Peak (we sufficed with the look-out circle instead of hiking).  At last we drove down past the capitol (where some religious convention was taking place) and parked at the top corner of the Conference Center.  Strangely, I forgot to check the name I inscribed there…

All the while, I was recalling to her my connections with the places though school and delivery driving and other work…

At Temple Square, first we toured the Conference Center, then went into the square itself to tour it.  After visiting the north center ourselves, we went to the south to find a tour.  A Sister Yao from Taiwan talked with us a little, then Sister Gu from Kwangju and her friend Sister Fellmann, from Germany, started us on a tour by ourselves.  We saw the great new temple model, then made our way to the Tabernacle and the north center again, where I saw sister Balmoi again.  We finished at the statue, where we sat a while as Sister Gu talked with Myeong Seon.  At that rotunda I happened to see Sisters Ang and Carlile again, too; I told them that this was the friend I had referred them to last time.

By chance, I met two other parties there.  A middle-aged man… whose name is gone… had asked what language the sisters were speaking.  He turned out to be a Hong Kong missionary.  And Sister Fellmann started talking to a young man she’d met before, a Joe visiting locally with his sister friend "Osiris".  (Myeong Seon’s camera was out, and Joe used his friend’s camera on us, e-mailing the photos the next day.)  Sister Gu, anyway, arranged to get Myeong Seon her own Book of Mormon, with a little encouragement from me (I suggested we could study it together with her Ellen White book; we eventually did so).

Next we wandered to the other half of the block, past the pond, before going back to the truck.  On our way back, I said hello to a Hong Kong sister walking there, a short and small thing with big glasses.  She spared no time with pleasantries… but half a minute later, turned around and came back to talk, apologizing for being brusque.  I unfortunately forgot her name.

After that, we drove past my old school’s new campus and then zig-zagged back through Salt Lake, passing my crossing guard intersection.  I decided to drop by Hunan Garden too; they were still there, and still remembered me.

So… on Monday morning, my mom dropped us both off at the bus stop… and that was the that.

That week, Myeong Seon came and watched The Last Samurai at my apartment.  It was very nice.  I think she understood it.

We met several more times over the next two weeks.  Oh… Rusty McDonald moved out, switching with his British friend to #18, where Ezra had lived (Ezra moved out to some house).  Maxim Borodin moved to #13, across the hall, to live with his former ELC mate, Jose’.

So, over the break, I and Myeong Seon also watched Batman Begins at my place, and we had Korean food at her new apartment (she moved from the Branbury Apartments to the Riverside Condominiums just up the road); her ELC friend Miyamoto Mai came.  We studied religion together.  Although I necessarily took issue with some of Ellen White’s doctrinal conclusions, my favourable view of the woman was only increased the more of her wisdom I read, and the more I found her repeating what in my experience had been doctrines that were unique to LDS belief.  I’m convinced her God was with her for a good purpose.

As it turns out… since Salt Lake, if not before, I have borne no more emotional uncertainties toward her…  It was right to get to know her better.

I had another meal at her place on… Thursday.  It was delicious; jja jjang myeon, along with rice, kim, kimchi, and some egg things.  She also served yoghurt.  Her Book of Mormon had just been delivered, and I shared some of my favourite ecumenical passages from it before leaving.

This week and last, I’ve also been applying for jobs and registering for school.  I had three unsuccessful but enjoyable interviews on campus.  I will probably have to sit out two classes till winter, which this tight-budgetted school has decided it can’t afford to expand to accommodate all comers.  Troublingly, I have to take the same morning classes that I did so poorly in last winter; it seems nobody can find any better idea than to forever schedule them for 8 in the morning.

My other spring and summer roommate, David Greenland, has remained in #14, and last Tuesday he arrived back from Missouri with his family, including his younger brother Michael, who will take Rusty’s spot.  He also brought a stake friend, Chris Cunningham, an army-raised young man who was born and spent two high-school years in Korea, the Yongsan base (he was also there at exactly the time of my 2006 trip).  I was excited to start to teach him Hangeul, which he had somehow never quite taken to while living there.

I’ve also applied for an Asian Studies scholarship, one of the ten or so spots for which I almost certainly would be a top contender for, if not for my low grades.  I’m still waiting to hear from them.  While searching for my Chinese Language Center (CUHK) study certificate from 2004, I also found an old cheque from that school for a refund of my tuition deposit, about 153 dollars.  The secretary very kindly and affirmatively answered my e-mail request to replace the six-year-old cheque with a new one.  Technically, that money was from my mother.

Yesterday I went forth and back between Salt Lake.  My bike very recently broke a gear, and also snapped the gear changing thread on the other gear set.  Dave had earlier offered me his unused bike, so I went and switched for it.  The tires seemed to hold air, but today I noticed they were just a little deflated.


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