2010/08/30 M – Fall 2010

School is back on.  I’ve now been here for a year.
-It was wonderful seeing the energy at the school this morning, and all the eager new faces.
-I fortunately can re-use several of my previously purchased books this semester.
-It’s been nice to have seen a bunch of former classmates in my linguistics and other classes.  In order to qualify for that scholarship that I’m more and more doubtful I’ll receive (I was told today that the preliminary selections would be made "this week", and the final decisions next week), I’ve enrolled in a Korean class and have attended a certain religion class.  I’ll probably drop both of them if I don’t get accepted.  Anyway, I met a Todd Rapier in the Korean class, a 1989 Seoul missionary who’s back studying other subjects and refreshing his Korean.  It was a pleasure to be able to practice with him.
-I haven’t gotten a job yet.  I’ll also have to continue my internship at least a little, since I can’t enroll for the third and final credit except by putting a future date as my finishing point for the internship.  I have no ideas of where to look for work next, since my schedule is becoming more rigid.  I’m a little unhappy about it.
-Maybe it’s better this way, but I couldn’t add one of my program classes because it was full.  When I talked to the department honcho about it last week, he told me they couldn’t open more classes (and hire more teachers) because the school is unprofitable, they couldn’t change rooms because the rooms were too tightly scheduled, and they couldn’t increase seats in rooms due to fire hazards.  Today I found that several of my "full" classes, including the one I couldn’t add, actually had extra and unused seats in them already.  That one in particular was only using about half its available seats, but it was still "full" on the registration computer network.  I brought my observation back to the department chief, and his new excuse was that they had developed rules to keep the teacher-to-student ratios at manageable levels for various classes.  He acted very slightly defensively, so I refrained from telling him what a stupid idea that was, based on arbitrary opinions, since it would interrupt the progress of students toward their graduation and potentially cost them a lot of money.  So, that 44-seat classroom remains "full" with its 22 students, and the 3 of us who were there hoping to join the class will just be out of luck till 2011.  But at least some of those 22 will get a few more seconds of personal attention each class.  Stupid.
-I seem to have strained my back.  It’s felt strange for the past couple days, but sometime during this afternoon, moving around became a burden.  I also had only a small breakfast today, and had no energy to stay awake during that certain religion class.  I felt young in the morning, but now I feel old and want to go sleep till next week.  I guess waking up early was no constitutional benefit.
-Oh… I saw that old Korean, Son Min Hye (?), from my historical linguistics class, in a new class.  I greeted her after class, but later I saw her again at the library and she avoided me.  She only just barely holds one’s interest, but it still would have been nicer if she’d been friendlier.
-I saw Meredith in the elevator.  Unfortunately, I don’t think I can fit in her Hebrew class.
-Some days ago I got an e-mail circular from the sword club.  I haven’t been for a week or more.  As it turns out, they have decided to start charging a fee for what used to be their voluntary instruction: $20 per month, or 240 for the year.  I find it prohibitive, especially since I probably would only be able to attend sporadically.  They have every right to turn their art into a business, but it was a little surprising to me that they did it so abruptly.
So, I guess my biggest disappointment of the day….. is my condition.  But a close second is the numbness of thought of the Linguistics department, or whoever makes such nonsensical rules about enrollment during a time when, due to the school’s hiring prohibition, more flexibility is needed to accommodate students rather than to stifle their academics.
-Oh.  I saw most of Glenn Beck’s talk at his "Restoring America’s Honour" rally on t.v..  It was really excellently done; I was quite impressed.
-Last evening, Myeong Seon came to get back her camera that she’d lent me.  We fed the ducks and ate a little at my house, then we watched "The Testaments".  She was a little argumentative at first, but I think it went well after that.  I think I’ve done nearly all I can do to gospelize her.  She perhaps feels the same.  I do appreciate her faith very much, but as enlightened as her church may be (or may have been), they still await a new word from heaven, and lack the promises of eternal society.  Even so, I will happily continue to add their truth to my own.  And she and I are still friends.
So, anyway, after escorting her home last night, I noticed these strange flocks of birds that I later decided were swarms of moths or butterflies.  They came one after the other, one every minute or so, stretching around their swarms into unusual shapes as they apparently migrated south.  Myeong Seon has slightly diminished eye-sight, and couldn’t really see the white specks.  For a while, she thought the swarms were single birds.  We stood outside a little and watched them.
I need a rest…
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