2010/09/08 W – Summer’s Twilight

I had some fear just now.  My study buddy referred me to an on-line show tomorrow about John’s Revelation on 3ABN, an Adventist channel (Adventists especially prefer chapter 13 in that book, which, like other revelations, is not to be added to nor subtracted from).  I Wikipediad the network first, and for a moment, I feared lest the Adventists themselves were to be the ironic fulfillment of their own dire warnings of a last-days super-church.  But watching the network, I was gratified again with the Adventists’ boldness in challenging Biblical mis-assumptions.  The preacher ("Pastor Doug") argued what I have argued several times (even to my study buddy), that grace was not without conditions.  I’m content again that they have a light.
These days, I’ve realized that Glenn Beck himself, as well as his reception by a faithful public, has taught me the value of the United States…  I watched with amusement as Obama finally tried to mimick his optimistic populism in his "dog" speech.
On Friday, Heidi called me from Hong Kong.  It was nice to hear from her again.
I went home on Sunday and tried to come back the same evening since there were no busses or trains on Monday.  I left the house at 7:50 and rode my (Dave’s) bike hard to the train, reaching the block at 8:04 and the platform a relaxed minute later.  The train had been scheduled for 8:00, and a man told me it had been on time.  I went instead to Temple Square and back.
Classes are going well so far.  I’m taking two language classes for credit: Viet 101 again (I was an auditor last year, and visited 102 a few times in the winter semester), and Korean 201 (I had attempted to audit 102 and attend 202 in winter).  I’ll take a grade for them because, firstly, I think I’m familiar with the material now, and secondly, as an auditor I was over-tempted to skip class, so I missed valuable training.  My other classes amount to 12 credit-hours, and I needed to get department authorization to add the final credit of my internship class, since the natural limit is 18 credits-hours (the language ones are 4 each).
So, the Viet (so much as I learned) is coming back.  I hope to take Thai again next time, my final semester.  I tried seeing if I had room for Meredith’s Hebrew 101 class.  I attended two days and reviewed the alef-bet before giving up on the idea (I would have had to drop something else for it).  I may take it next semester, also.
I was rejected for the scholarship I applied for on account of my grades not being competitive enough.  I’ve returned to ELC to help with the lab class; there are two new interns trading off for it.
So, last semester we had these students in our Foundations Preparation class: Kim Inkyum, Ito Dan, Aurea DeMoraes (Brazil), and Didier Maradiaga (Honduras) who will serve a mission in December.  In the Academic Preparation class were Suita Ayumi (who left early); Sandra Pedraja, Paola, and Solangel (Colombia); Luis (Chile?); Moises Villanueva (Mexico); Isabel Lima (Brazil); Arju (Nepal); Chen Li Wei Oscar (Taiwan); Chen Ye (Southern Mongolia); and Lee Juhee, Kim Jeongyeon Jasmine, Son Jiyeon, and An Soojung.  This time in the Foundations Preparation class there are Sidnei Santos (Brazil), Sylvestre Coanas (?) (Haiti), Lirio (?) and Patricia (Mexico), and Park Kyoung Pyo and Kim (?) Jeongwook.  I know they’ll do very well, most of them only needing some remedial training.
I signed up for Susan Black’s religion class out of sheer curiosity toward her notability.  She is a rather short woman with medium-length blonde hair and a smile etched from habit.  She loves to joke.  In today’s class, I found impressive her reminder that our family trees all intertwine.
This afternoon there were some club booths outside.  I visited the Science Fiction booth and the Political Review booth.  The latter group is hiring editors and designers.  I took a copy of their publication and sadly noticed their heavy, out-of-place leftism that seems stronger than in last winter, when I last read it.  Representative of local sentiment they are not; and if for any reason I take up with them, I’ll spend my short time leaning in the other direction.  I also went back to the Medieval booth, and finally stopped to help a Paul do his required EMT assessments: I played an accident victim as he tried to properly respond to the emergency.
I ate at the Cannon Centre…  I was impacted again by the beauty not only of this school but also of my life setting.  I would wish for nothing different in my experience here… yet differences are welcome, since all new things so far have had their own new beauty.  I have not always thought so about life, and I allow that burdens might seem heavy again in the future, and that I might know regret again.  But today, at least, regret is completely extinguished.
I’m especially glad I still have my eye-sight, and eyeglasses to hone it.  I also am very happy with my new transportation, Dave’s bike, which significantly speeds my travel at no cost.
…I guess I’d easily trade everything for a speedy removal to the indescribable next world.  No matter what I could do here, I could do it better there.
…Except only, perhaps, to remould myself… in this wonderfully flexible life-time.  For that, I ought to wish to stay.

[2010/09/09 Th

There were two articles in the news yesterday…
The first was Stetson’s sentencing.  The lady judge, having spent virtually no time in his presence, and being entirely ignorant of his soft-spoken manner, had trouble "believing" that he truly regretted his actions.  Well, only God knows for sure.  As she concluded, "It gravely concerns me that there was something else going on here, and we’ll never know, I suppose, what it was you intended to do."

…I know.  At least, I know what he told me, though I’ve doubted many times that he had any capacity to act on those words.  Anyway, as far as his "intentions", her intuitions were not unreliable.

…But what bothers me is that I may never know what he intended to do AFTER that.
Until talking with me, as far as I can estimate, he would as likely have immediately turned himself over to authorities as not, with the same pitiable confession that he gave me.  Startled by what I saw as his failure of self-preservative instinct, I offered him my best judgement… but I can’t escape the possibility that I was far too under-experienced and semiscient for my guidance to have been ideal.
Still, if the family and attorney hadn’t kept me so far away, I could have… I don’t know.
…Maybe I could have undone whatever I may have possibly done to him with my words that night.  Or, I could have made good on my advice.
They had a case against him as an attacker… but not as a deliberate kidnapper.  But they scared him into a guilty plea.
Now, he gets "one to fifteen years", whatever that means.  Probably one year.  It’s in prison, too, allegedly in order to give him access to the mental-emotional therapy that somehow seemed necessary to the judge, yet played no part in her determination of his motives.  That destination had been fought by his attorney, who preferred the jail.

By coincidence, earlier yesterday, before seeing the news, while walking down a hallway, I was sure I passed by the girl involved in the incident.  She seemed obliviously happy.

The other article was about Urangoo Baatarkhuyag, a Mongolian girl who spent a time in Utah, and who last month died of leukemia.  It wasn’t her, but the story reminded me of another young Mongolian lady referred to me by Tugsuu…  I once gave Tugsuu a bit of money to contribute to her…
Now I’m a little confused on the time period…  When was that other girl?  She must have been before this girl… probably… near the end of 2005 or 2006…
Well, who knows… but I won’t be cynical about it…  I’ll believe that news.  Then, it was a tragedy.
I just finished posting comments on-line, some about Stetson, some about the Qur’an burning.  A bit of a waste, but good writing practice at the least.  I’m not sure how readable I am.  Readability isn’t my priority, though.  …Maybe it should be.]
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