2010/11/19 F – Recollection

Brother Henrichsen went ahead and decided to hire the three of us, being uncertain of his funds after the year’s end.  I went to the Linguistics Department office on Thursday and had my employment processed; I and the secretary still remember each other from my last hired position early in the year.  Soon we three assistants will meet to divide our tasks and then will begin our archival research.  Our wage is nine per hour; we should work ten hours per week.

I meet with Seulji on Mondays and Thursdays at the Provo High School library…  Her sister had left her a cheque for sixty-four, which she gave me on the first day.  I told her to have her sister subtract that day, and said I wouldn’t convert the cheque until a few weeks had passed.  I guess that will be soon, since I found yesterday that I hadn’t left any money in my savings account, and wasn’t able to renew my hand-phone service on-line.  It was due to expire today, although I was able to use it this morning.

Two Tuesdays ago, I saw a picture of George Bush signing his new book somewhere, posted on his page, and I commented that he should come back to Salt Lake City.  (I discovered today that another fellow had made the same suggestion on another part of his page, about an hour before I had.)  Two days ago, I read in the Provo newspaper that Mister Bush was planning to come today, Friday, to a place in Sandy and sign copies of his book.  Immediately, I suspected that somebody had possibly read my comment.  Possibly, the plan had already been considered on his end.  Anyway, feeling that I had helped to summon him, I made plans to travel to Sandy on Friday and visit that venue.  I decided I would have to miss the second of my two Friday classes.  After I told Myeong-Seon, she implied that she also wanted to go, so we set our time of departure for this morning.  I also called home, looking for my mom (very near whose workplace the event was located) and mentioned my plan to my sister.

This morning, I got both a message and a call from my mom.  Her better informed newspaper had told her that there would be 500 "wristbands" handed out to the first patrons, serving as passes for admission to the signing.  Also, on her way to work, she had gone past that address; she reported to me her estimate of 2,000 attendees.  I realized that I would have to cancel my visit…  I let Myeong-Seon know not to take our agreed-upon bus.  Later, I tried re-scheduling my new Friday study-buddy, Feng Yu (with whom I had cancelled our regular meeting-time the night before), but she e-mailed me back saying she had other things to do.  So, instead of meeting one of the most eminent and known men in today’s world, it turned back into a very regular Friday.

On Tuesday after Viet class, I noticed that my left knee was making a clicking noise, or a snapping noise, or something when I took steps up or down the stairs.  It isn’t painful, but it’s loud.  It seems to be some tendon or something being pulled out of place somehow…


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