2010/11/22 M – Scenes

There was an annual cultural presentation at BYU last week.  My loitering there was caught by an agent of the city newspaper, the Daily Herald

That’s me on the right, back-turned and balding.

Here was my take on it.

Those are mostly Vietnamese sisters, with one Colombian.  I knew most of them through Viet class.

Here was that crouching one during her V-pop song.

Here is an ELC girl from Syria, “Luda” by name, I think.  Her friend the Korean, Jin Hyun-ok, taught us how to play a Korean drum number.  I was on the two-faced one.

Now that I have my pictures out… here are a few recent ones.

The leaves began to fall a couple weeks ago…

This is my bike, here.

Here is the Cannon Centre, where I eat.

Here is a not-atypical meal…  I had already finished a modest plate of pasta.

The snow started coming a week ago, maybe.

Here were two cadets standing watch at this memorial on Memorial Day.  Their replacements were standing over at a warm-drink container near the building.

On this day, the wind blew many of the remaining leaves down…

This was one of the first snows I saw happening.

This was a former friend of mine, Sri Lankan Rekha Selvaratnam.  Myeong-seon and I met her while travelling back to Salt Lake yesterday for my grandma’s birthday party.  Rekha was friends with Monde Sifaya, Inonge’s sister, at LDSBC, where she still goes.  We met her again on the way back to Provo.  I’ve been regrettably out of touch with those Zambians…

This was my house on Sunday.

This was my cousins’, the Richards, house.  All of Kim’s and Carl’s children came; Donna’s children lacked Jennifer; from Callie, only Julie came, and from Burke, only Monica; Jana and her oldest came; and we missed Shanna.  Carl, Jana, and Bonnie were alone; otherwise, all spouses and children were present.

This is Melissa’s daughter.

Another of Melissa’s.

Myeong-seon enjoyed playing with some of the great-grandchildren.

Well, let’s see what else.

I’ve been meeting with Min Seulji; she’ll be going to Las Vegas City with her older brother and sister, and today was our only day to meet this week.

Last week, I suffered a heavy compliment from, I believe, my syntax class teacher’s aide.  On my most recent homework assignment, the teacher, I suppose, crossed and then whited out the aide’s comment and added, “ignore this”.  The ink of the first comment showed through the white when held up to the light: “Please write in your own words!  Don’t just copy & paste”.  Actually, though the two comments used different-coloured ink, the hand-writing doesn’t look dissimilar.  So, somebody’s initial impression had been that my homework answer had been forged, plagiarized, which can possibly get a person into trouble at a university.  Obviously, the writing had been entirely original, and the teacher bethought her aide (or herself) and decided not to lodge the accusation after all.

It would have been funny to have needed to defend myself.  I’m just glad somebody thinks I write well enough to have been published somewhere.

Today, two of the three new assistants on Brother Henrichsen’s manuscript project met with him and discussed some avenues of research.  I hope I can meet his expectations.  I gave several new ideas, which he seemed to appreciate, including the Hopi-language learning connected with the proliferation of the Deseret Alphabet, as well as earlier delivery of the gospel to other natives (especially, the reputed preaching of Joseph Smith to them).  Mostly, it’s the gaps in his time-line that bother me.  I expect something relevant must have happened, somewhere in the world, during those decade-long periods that are passed over.  Anyway, we settled on a few good ideas, I think.  The other helpers are girls; the first will work on Pacific and European issues, and the second is in Wisconsin now.

My bimonthly phone contract ran out last Thursday.  I was late renewing it, and discovered that I would need to change my number.  The irritation of needing to update my errant contacts, combined with the recognition that I only rarely use the phone, incited me to just save my money and go back to phonelessness.


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  1. Heidi says:

    I called that phone.

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