2011/04/14 Th – Response

 Goodness me, does the time ever fly during this late hour of winter semester.  I’ve been sleeping a little earlier, but I’ll make a go at this journal tonight…

After about a billion searches for the documentary I already mentioned, at least one or two of whom will probably have browsed other entries, I started thinking about my “audience” here, and particularly whether they would get sick of my revisionist morphologic habit of splitting up compounds.

…But I must persevere, at least for now.  I get angry any time I see the word “anytime” mashed together like that.  Just ten years ago, we as a society still knew it was two words, and hadn’t yet adjectivalised it.  Now, it’s almost never apart.  It’s plain stupidity.  I detest using that word as an adjective; we have plenty of alternatives; and I know I would have hated a lot of other mashed words too if I’d been born sooner.

Well, no time to lose here…


(17 Th)

I went to the editting meeting, then to the Hunger Banquet planning meeting (the banquet was to take place the following Saturday).

There are Clinton at the head, the design girl on his left (whom I’d gotten offended by in syntax class last semester because of  her inability to not talk, but who no longer bothers me as much), Greg Scoggin on her left (whose mother is from Japan), a cutish girl possibly named “Katie” or “Heidi” or something, and Stetson (not my friend Stetson, but another).  On Clinton’s right, my left, are: a girl who was friendly to me on the sidewalk yesterday; some guy; and a cute girl who refuses to ever talk.

There’s another extremely modest-featured girl in that club, Holly, who has the strangest anime look to her.  I’ve had the fortune of talking with her only once…  She seemed responsible.

Here is the western plaza from a JK(H)B window.

This was at the SID meeting.  There sit Melissa on the left and Bonnie on the right, with Spencer standing.  Spencer had a bright idea to muddy the drinking water at the banquet, which was done with chocolate.

 (18 F)

After the Cannon Centre on Friday evening, I decided on a whim to go visit the Itos.

Here are older brother Jun, their mother, and Tatsunari (now called “Dachnari” by Myeong-seon, who has an issue with names).  I had a wonderful time there, as always…

…until Dan, the little knickerbocker, got the plan to ram my immobile chair with his powerful robotic one.

They called Shigihara Satoshi over, who had designs on me for his sister’s sake.

They got the sister up on Skype/phone, but of course, a devastating earthquake had stricken Japan not very long before, and the girl was a little busy.

(19 S)

In the morning I took Kaplan’s repeat practice GRE test.  It was the same as one I had taken on-line, though I had forgotten the answers I chose.  I guess it was fun.  I got a free lunch coupon out of it, and on my way to a study session for phonetics class, I found another one on the ground which I ended up keeping.

After that study group, I went back to the test venue to consult with somebody about my results.  After that, I went to the site of the Hunger Banquet, under preparation, then back home to get my outfit.  I was a little annoyed to discover that I’d already taken my Indonesian shirt (an old gift from Bobby Leo back at LDSBC) home to Salt Lake, and had nothing to wear for international culture, with the exception of my ambi-gender Chinese boating hat from Mongolia, and a somewhat shadier-brimmed hat Shane or somebody gave me later.  I chose the second.

On my return, Spencer asked to double as a gag tourist.  Here are the big empty Smith Fieldhouse we were using, and some decorators, including Colleen, a Thai-class student.

Here’s Spencer helping out.

This was the 21st annual Hunger Banquet.  I found on-line that last year’s had only had… was it… 700 people on the first night, which was a Thursday, I think, and 1200 the Saturday after.

Fair warning to the patrons.

Whew, I’m out of power…



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