I’m Steve, aged 32 in the Korean way of aging.  I teach English in Korea. My interests include etymology and language and history and religion and things.  This began as my personal on-line journal, but though it remains obscure, the inevitable errant spectators have had a moderating effect on my style and content.

My views shifted a bit toward fatalism following the mis-election of the criminal U.S. president in late 2012.  After a recent civil marriage, my biggest goal in this world is at least partially accomplished.  I’m really just waiting for the end at this point, hoping to make some reasonable use of my allotted time, or contribute to those around me.  I hope to find a reason to post here again.

-Steve (2013/06/04 7:55 p.m. local)


2 Responses to About

  1. William Schryver says:


    As a result of a google search for “agkcrbs,” I have just today discovered your blog. I searched for “agkcrbs” in consequence of a comment you (I assume) made on the Patheos.com blog of Natasha Parker, the somewhat notorious “Mormon Therapist.” I happened upon your comment only after quite accidentally stumbling upon Natasha’s year-old public declaration of her “Official Stance on Masturbation.” Your comment can be found here: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/mormontherapist/2012/08/my-official-stance-on-masturbation.html#comment-888975597

    I was very favorably impressed by the eloquence and wisdom manifest in your comment, and I found myself feeling very much in accord with your perspective on the matter in question. In fact, I initially suspected that the comment had been authored by either my good friend Dan Peterson, (you can find Dan’s blog here: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/danpeterson/) masquerading as a writer with British origins — based on several British-style spellings of words, or perhaps another acquaintance of mine who is from New Zealand.

    At any rate, assuming that it was indeed you who posted the comment in question, I commend you for it.

    I have also taken the liberty of reading your most recent two or three blog posts. I therefore note that you have been married (apparently to a Korean native) for but a few months. As one who has now been VERY happily married for almost 32 years, and therefore imagines myself to be somewhat of an matrimonial expert, I might be so bold as to offer to you my services as an advisor when it comes to such things. Then again, each case is unique, and my success in that particular aspect of life may have no relevance to you. Even so, should you ever feel inspired to contact me for any reason, I invite you to do so.


    Will Schryver
    Cedar City, Utah

    • agkcrbs says:

      Brother Schryver, I received your comment on time. Please tell me if its visibility here bothers you. Correct; I am not Dan Peterson, but I much enjoyed what I saw of him on t.v. while staying in Provo, and have since reviewed his page. Shortly after your comment here, I found your video presentation on the Kirtland Egyptian Papers (http://thebookofabraham.blogspot.kr/2010/08/fair-conference-2010-will-schryver-and.html), which, in short, took a lot of wind out of my budding aspirations to get familiar with Egyptian. Brilliant job. My mental windows seemed to fly open, if not shatter, as I watched it, and I was left marvelling at the insights, since I had been puzzling over the topic. On marriage, well, thanks for the offer; I would not really know where to begin asking. She is actually staring me down as I type this, so I will leave it here.

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